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Waterproofing Systems

Waterproofing Systems

Waterproofing is a critical part of the construction industry.  We specialise in supplying labour, equipment and material to solve the roof leakage concern for Residential and Commercial Industry. Please Call or WhatsApp Us at 9785 1058 (David)

We specialized in:
  • Concrete roof leakage
  • Metal roof leakage
  • Tile roof leakage
  • Toilet floor roof leakage
  • Brick wall leakage
  • Ceiling leakage
Our waterproofing system:
  • PVC preformed waterproofing system
  • Acrylic Polymer gel waterproofing system
  • Internal concrete repair system
  • PU grouting system
Water Leakage Solution
Our waterproofing projects:
  • M1 Project@Benoi Sector, Tractors Singapore Limited
  • ASM Advanced Packaging Materials
  • Gardenia Foods (S) Pte Ltd
  • SumiDurez Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Pan Pacific Hotel Group
  • Eindec Singapore Pte Ltd. etc
What we would do for water seepage repair works?
  • Inspection of Suspected Water Leakage

With our professional technical waterproofing knowledge, we will first determine the root cause  of water seepage, cracks and leakages.

  • Leakage Assessment and Solution

Leakage assessment methods to quantify the amount of water lost.  Leakage detection methods to detect leakage hotspots and leakage control methods to do necessary protection and safety measurement before commencement of work.

  • Repair Actions

PU injection grouting method is used to stop water seepage from cracks, to fill voids under slabs, concrete joints or walls that are caused by water damage.

  • Maintenance Service

Thorough inspection and assessment is performed to ensure that 100% no water leakage.

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