About Apex Asiatic

Apex Asiatic Engineering Pte Ltd has been in the business in providing superior quality engineering solution since 2003.


With a team of experience and expert professionals, we specialized in providing maintenance and installation services for Industrial, Commercial and Residential establishments in Singapore. We also involved in supply, install, maintain and service part replacement with top quality cooling towers and air compressors all over Singapore. We provide all kinds of cooling tower spare parts such as sprinkler heads, sprinkler pipes, suction strainers, PVC infill, aluminium infill, drift eliminators, etc. Please Call or WhatsApp Us at 9785 1058 (David)




请拨打 WhatsApp’s  ( 岑经理 )  9785 1058联系我们 , 中英文交流 。

Our People

Our dependable, certified team will work according to your company schedules and specifications clearly in view in order to assure maximum performance from your compressed air system.

Our Services

We supply & install
  • Compressed Air Pipe / Water Pipe Installation Service
  • Cooling Tower Reconstruction and Installation
  • Air Condition Duct and Blower Installation Service
  • Fire Rated Door Installation Service
  • Exhaust / Cooker Exhaust Degreasing Cleaning Service
  • Waterproofing Service
  • Fermacell Partition
  • Concrete Foundation
  • Professional Reinstatement Services
  • Pump Motor Repair
  • Cooling Tower Leak Repair
  • 压缩空气管 / 水管安装服务
  • 冷却塔改造安装
  • 空调管道和风叶机安装服务
  • 防火门安装服务
  • 排气 / 炊具排气清管道洁服务
  • 防水服务
  • 宾馆 / 车间 / 住家间隔版
  • 混凝土基础
  • 专业车间复原服务
  • 泵电机修理
  • 冷却塔维修
  • 冷却塔零件 / 转头

Our Major Customers

Our major customers including Nikkol Chemical (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Sumitomo Bakelite (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Tractor (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Pan Pacific Hotel Group Limited, ASM Advanced Packaging Materials Pte Ltd, Sumidurez (Singapore) Pte Ltd and Perpetual (Asia) Limited, etc.

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