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Scrubber Packing

Scrubber Packing

Scrubber packings are a high efficiency plastic tower packing designed for use in wet scrubbers, cooling towers, mist eliminators, absorption columns and gas strippers.

At Apex Asiatic Engineering Pte Ltd, we provide wide range of quality scrubber packing such as plastic scrubber packing pall ring, scrubber tower packing, plastic cage ball, etc.

Wet scrubbers are considered to be air treatment to take away gaseous particulate pollutants that negatively affect the environment. According to air pollution control measures, it is required to take away these particulates in order to protect the receptors from the serious impacts of these gases on the health of humans and animals. Please Call or WhatsApp Us at 9785 1058 (David)

Hexagonal Honey Comb Inclined Tube Packing

Hexagonal honey comb Inclined Tube packing

Colour: White, Blue, Black
Material: PP, PVC, FRP
Sheet Size: Customized
Name: Lamella Tube Settler
Model Number: Inclined Tube Sheet for Sedimentation Tank Media
Key Words: Structured Trickling Filter Media
Include welding joint & delivery to your site